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Welcome to “Money Matters” a comprehensive online course designed to demystify the essentials of Islamic financial jurisprudence for the everyday Muslim. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of modern finance or simply looking to align your financial dealings with the teachings of Islam, this course serves as your intoductory pathway to understanding and implementing Shariah-compliant financial transactions in daily life.

What You Will Learn

This course is tailored to provide a solid foundation in the basic principles and rulings related to financial transactions under Islamic law. By enrolling, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Zakat: Unlock the significance and methodology of purifying your wealth through Zakat, the third pillar of Islam. Learn how to calculate and distribute Zakat accurately, ensuring compliance with Islamic law.
  • Sadaqatul Fitr, Qurbani & Kaffarah: Dive into the importance of these acts of worship and their financial implications. Understand how to fulfill these obligations properly, enhancing your spiritual and communal well-being.
  • Basic Sales Transactions: Explore the dos and don’ts of buying and selling under Islamic law. This module covers essential concepts, ensuring your transactions are both spiritually profitable and Shariah-compliant.
  • Cancelling Monetary Transactions: Learn about the rights and regulations surrounding the annulment of financial agreements.
  • Prohibited Transactions: Identify and understand the types of transactions forbidden in Islam, such as usury (Riba), gambling (Maisir), and uncertainty-based transactions (Gharar). This module equips you with the knowledge to avoid haram income sources.
  • Rules of Hiring and Dealing with Haram Wealth: Navigate the complexities of employment and wealth purification. Learn the Shariah guidelines for hiring practices and the ethical handling of wealth that may have been unlawly acquired.
  • Inheritance Rules: Grasp the principles of Islamic inheritance, ensuring your assets are distributed among your heirs in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.
  • Shariah Banking & Finance: Understand how Islamic financial institutions operate without interest, and explore Shariah-compliant investment opportunities.
  • Miscellaneous Rulings: This catch-all module covers additional topics and frequently asked questions regarding Islamic finance, providing a well-rounded understanding of financial dealings in a Muslim’s life.

Who Should Enroll

This course is ideal for Muslims seeking to enhance their knowledge of financial transactions in accordance with Islamic principles. Whether you are a business owner, a professional, or simply someone interested in aligning your financial practices with your faith, this course offers valuable insights and practical guidelines.


Saleh Abu Hashim was born and raised in the UK and studied Social Sciences, IT and Education at University up to post graduate level. His first serious exposure to traditional scholarship was when he attended the month long Rihla course held in the UK in the summer of 1997. Shortly thereafter he spent a year in the Middle East where he studied Arabic at the University of Jordan between 1998-1999. He also spent four years working in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, during which he read with some scholars in his free time.

He has completed the study of basic texts in: Arabic grammar, Hanafi & Hanbali fiqh, Usul al Fiqh, Hadith, Mustalah al-Hadith and Aqidah with scholars based in the UK, as well as from Mauritania, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

He is a also a qualified secondary school teacher and has taught ICT and Social Sciences at secondary school level, as well as working on an education reform project for the Abu Dhabi Education Council for 3 years.

He currently resides in the United Kingdom with his family and works in a field unrelated to Islamic Studies.