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The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:

Allah (the Exalted) says: “Indeed I am Allah, and there is no god except Me, anyone who affirms my Oneness (Tawhid) will gain entrance to my fortress, and anyone who enters my fortress will be protected from My punishment.” [Bukhari]

Benefits of the Course

In an age of hostility and mocking of any serious adherence to a religious belief and values, it is imperative that we learn how to protect our faith from the onslaught of atheism.


Saleh Abu Hashim

Saleh Abu Hashim was born and raised in the UK and studied Social Sciences, IT and Education at University up to post graduate level. His first serious exposure to traditional scholarship was when he attended the month long Rihla course held in the UK in the summer of 1997. Shortly thereafter he spent a year in the Middle East where he studied Arabic at the University of Jordan between 1998-1999.  He also spent four years working in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, during which he read with some scholars in his free time.

He has completed the study of basic texts in: Arabic grammar, Hanafi & Hanbali fiqhUsul al FiqhHadithMustalah al-Hadith and Aqidah with scholars based in the UK, as well as from Mauritania, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

He is a also a qualified secondary school teacher and has taught ICT and Social Sciences at secondary school level, as well as working on an education reform project for the Abu Dhabi Education Council for 3 years.

He currently resides in the United Kingdom with his family and works in a field unrelated to Islamic Studies.