Gray and Brown Mountain

About Me

 My name is Saleh Abu Hashim and I was born and raised in the UK. I studied Social Sciences, IT and Education at University up to post graduate level.  My first serious exposure to traditional scholarship was when I attended the month long Rihla course held in the UK in the summer of 1997.  Shortly thereafter I spent a year in the Middle East where I studied Arabic at the University of Jordan in 1998-1999.  I also spent four years working in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, during which I read with some scholars in my free time.
I have completed the study of basic texts in: Arabic grammar, Hanafi fiqhUsul al-FiqhHadithMustalah al-Hadith and Aqidah. I am fortunate to have studied and read with scholars based in the UK, as well as from Mauritania, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  
My research interests include the traditional learning heritage of the Hijaz and the creation of learning materials for adult learning courses.  I have had some involvement with organising community classes since 1997 up the present time.
I currently reside in the UK with my family and work in a field unrelated to Islamic Studies.

My Work